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Who Are Poseidon’S Mother and father?

Poseidon is without doubt one of the twelve Olympian gods and is the god of the ocean. His dad and mom are Zeus, king of the gods, and Hera, queen of the gods.

Poseidon is without doubt one of the most well-known Olympian gods, and is commonly related to the ocean. However who’re Poseidon’s dad and mom?
Poseidon was born to Cronus and Rhea, two of the Titans.

Cronus was the chief of the Titans, and had overthrown his personal father, Uranus. Rhea was a form and delicate goddess, who cared for her youngsters deeply.
As a younger god, Poseidon was very mischievous.

He would usually play methods on his siblings, together with Apollo and Zeus. This earned him the nickname “Earth-Shaker.” Nevertheless, Poseidon additionally had a extra critical aspect.

He was identified for being a superb warrior, and he fought alongside his brothers throughout the Titanomachy, or Warfare of the Titans.
After the struggle ended, Zeus turned the ruler of Olympus and Poseidon turned its god of the ocean. He’s usually proven carrying a trident, which he makes use of to create earthquakes or calm storms at sea.

Sailors would usually pray to Poseidon for secure journeys throughout his waters.
So subsequent time you’re on the seaside or out on a ship, keep in mind to provide due to Poseidon – lord of the seas!

Who Is Your Greek God Mother or father?

Poseidon Siblings

Poseidon is without doubt one of the twelve Olympian gods and goddesses. He’s the god of the ocean, earthquakes, and storms. His Roman equal is Neptune.

Poseidon has many siblings together with Zeus, Hades, Demeter, Hera, and Hestia.
Poseidon was born to Cronus and Rhea. He was swallowed by Cronus shortly after his start together with Zeus and Hades.

Nevertheless, Rhea tricked Cronus into swallowing a rock as an alternative of Poseidon. Later, when Poseidon and his brothers had been grown, they freed their father from Tartarus the place he had been imprisoned by Zeus. The three brothers then fought in opposition to the Titans collectively and defeated them.

After defeating the Titans, Zeus turned the ruler of Olympus whereas Poseidon dominated over the seas. Hades was given management over the Underworld. Though Poseidon didn’t have as a lot energy as Zeus or Hades, he was nonetheless one of the essential gods as a result of people relied on him for transportation and commerce.

Poseidon was married to Amphitrite however she was not at all times devoted to him. In reality, she ran away from him after they first bought married! Fortunately for Poseidon, she ultimately got here again to him they usually had two youngsters collectively: Triton and Rhodos.

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Who’re Poseidon’S Household Members?

Poseidon is without doubt one of the twelve Olympian gods in Greek mythology. His dad and mom are Zeus and Hera. He’s additionally the brother of Hades, Demeter, and Hestia.

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Poseidon married Amphitrite, a sea nymph, and had many youngsters along with her, together with the large Polyphemus and the horse-god Pegasus. He additionally had youngsters with mortal girls, together with Theseus (the founding father of Athens) and Orion (an important hunter).

Who Did Poseidon Father?

Poseidon was one of many twelve Olympian gods who resided on Mount Olympus. He was the god of the ocean, earthquakes, and storms. His Roman counterpart was Neptune.

Poseidon’s symbols embody horses, bulls, and dolphins. He’s normally depicted carrying a trident.
Poseidon was stated to have been born to Cronus and Rhea.

Nevertheless, some sources say that he was truly the son of Gaia and Uranus or Oceanus and Tethys. Poseidon fathered many youngsters with each mortals and immortals alike. A few of his extra well-known offspring embody Theseus, Perseus, Orion, Polyphemus, Bellerophon, Cleito (mom of Atlantis), Canace (who killed her personal brother in a match of insanity), and Pelias (whose dying can be avenged by Jason).

Who’re Poseidon And Zeus Mother and father?

Poseidon and Zeus are the sons of Cronus, who was the Titan ruler of the cosmos. Their mom is Rhea, Cronus’ spouse. In keeping with fable, after Cronus overthrew his father Uranus, he turned paranoid that certainly one of his youngsters would develop up and overthrow him as effectively.

To forestall this from taking place, he swallowed every child as quickly because it was born.
Rhea turned determined to avoid wasting her youngsters and when Poseidon was born, she tricked Cronus into pondering it was a stone wrapped in swaddling garments. For Zeus’ start, Rhea hid him away on Mount Olympia the place he was raised by nymphs till he was sufficiently old to overthrow his father and launch his brothers and sisters from Cronus’ abdomen.

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Is Hades the Son of Poseidon?

No, Hades shouldn’t be the son of Poseidon. Hades is the son of Cronus and Rhea.


Poseidon’s dad and mom are Zeus and Hera. He’s the god of the ocean, earthquakes, and storms. He’s additionally the brother of Hades and Zeus.